Want to just jump right in?     Access Code is:  demo                  Enter on the green line above, hit your return key and start exploring.


After entering the access code provided, you'll arrive at a top-level page with the name of our demo site.   Click on it and you'll see a list of subcategories.   Click on any of them to view images.

Browse images:  Browse through the thumbnails.   Enlarge the thumbnail by clicking on it go back to thumbnails click on large image.


Download individual images:   Download by clicking on the download button below the thumbnail.   From the enlarge thumbnail screen, scroll down to the bottom of the image to find the download button there.


Download Screen:   The download screen pops up.   You can choose to download the individual image, the entire sub-category of images or the contents of your Light Box.   You also have the choice of download resolution:  300dpi for Print and 72dpi for Web


Light Box: As you browse, click on the "Light Box" button under the thumbnail or the enlarged thumbnail to save for later review.   To look at your contents, click on the light bulb icon at the top right of your screen.   Add or delete images from your Light Box; the images will stay there until you remove them.   Download the entire contents by selecting "Light Box" in the download screen.


Photography of the event is just the beginning of producing compelling imagery.  Image management is a vital "second act".  It is this important step that will deliver only the best and most usable images.   Our image management team reviews every image.  We then create and host your pass worded area on our secure sever, accessed through our website and powered by our proprietary Data Asset Management system.     Multiple areas and pass words can be created for attendees or press to view selected images or sub-categories without having full access to all your images.


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